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While this is valuable for comparison of the student’s ability to work within time constraints as compared to typically hearing peers, it is not a representation of their actual ability to complete items when appropriately accommodated for test-taking limitations secondary to hearing loss. The rationale behind this accommodation is that students with hearing loss: a. Additionally, the way speech is recorded is not optimal for students listening with hearing loss.Exam Accommodations Typical suggestions for assessment accommodations are: a. All of these factors create gaps that need to be “filled in” by the hard of hearing student which in turn increases the required listening effort relative to their peers.What should the role of legislative policymakers be in determining specifics of curriculum and instruction at this level?What kinds of information are needed to formulate appropriate policy options?Source of Exam Accommodations and paragraph on listening effort is credited to Krista Yuskow. This information is provided as a list of accommodations and classroom modifications for the IEP or 504 Plan team to consider as they discuss what is needed to provide maximal access to the general curriculum and meet the learning needs of the student with hearing loss. Students will vary in terms which of these items are necessary and appropriate to support school progress commensurate with the student’s abilities.

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All women of the graduate student, post-doctoral fellows, faculty and administrator communities are invited to network, share ideas and experiences and gather resources.

Only a 1% difference in math and reading scores, but 16% change in language section with the additional time and one year more academic growth.

High stakes tests for higher education entry have their own set of guidelines: ACT – – AP – Sample Statement Justifying Extra Time for Test Taking: Many students with hearing loss will need extra time to complete examinations.

Carnegie Mellon University has more than 80 diversity-related student organizations.

These organizations serve to engage students in multicultural activities, provide students with a link to their own culture and expose the campus community to other cultures.

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