Ariel and john ponts dating

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Ponts’ old skate crew arrives to build a skate park for local kids on Unk’s newly paved roads.Ariel takes to the skies in a new plane with dangerous results and lead Pilot Erik Snuggerud battles heavy turbulence with a very special delivery.Erik races to deliver passengers and critical supplies before a spring storm shuts him down.A late winter storm threatens to shut down Era Alaska's operations.Sarah Fraher attempts a difficult landing to aid a pilot stranded mid-runway.Ponts attempts an emergency medical drop over the isolated Kavik camp.Two pilots attempt to deliver a specialty drill through a sea of fog.Luke brings the first ever ATM to Wainwright, along with a planeload of cash.

Two pilots push their limits to land vital vaccines two miles from Russia on Alaska's most treacherous runway.Pilot Yuri Ivanoff trains in Bethel for a potential promotion to fly the 208 Caravan.But danger strikes when heavy ice forms on the wings.Alaska’s harshest winter in years wreaks havoc on Era’s fleet. Doug’s brakes freeze on an icy runway while carrying explosive chemicals.Jim attempts a risky landing atop the frozen Anvik River.

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