As updating an ms access db

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I'll edit my answer to reflect that worked fine. Add With Value("columnname", "hello"); and do the same on the next line. You will save yourself time, and eliminate the possibility of manual errors.Note: Due to the permanent effects of working with an update action query, you should always make a backup copy of your tables, or your database before attempting this option.Our original table appears like the following example: The original Products table before we run the Update Query We need to update the Unit Price field, to update all records from our supplier (Exotic Liquids) as they have informed us of a 3% price increase.

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The problem is that every time the fields I need to update contain ' or ", I receive an error. = 1) string edit Lic = @"UPDATE table SET [Name] = '" add_escape_characters(name) "', [License] = '" add_escape_characters(license) "', [License Type] = '" add_escape_characters(type) "', [Category]= '" add_escape_characters(cat) "', [Never Expires] = '" add_escape_characters(exp) "', [In Use] = '" add_escape_characters(use) "', [Expired] = '" add_escape_characters(expired) "' WHERE ID = " ID " "; No Brain is very much correct here.

Changing records manually is not only time consuming, it is also inefficient, and lends itself to errors as you update the records.

The best way to handle this type of event, the updating of many records in a database table, is to use an Update Query to make the changes to data in one operation.

If you want to truly protect your query, you would use stored procedures.

That is the only way not to have your query string concatenated before sending. Thanks This code will not select any records, but it will delete every row of the table.

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