Avg not updating 2016

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AVG Free is an open source antivirus and anti-spyware software that guards the PC from threats that can harm the system.

Haven't used Avast ever,back in the old days i had a kaspersky but at the time resources it needed were galactic compared to my 512 ram haha!!Even when I log on as an administrator, the only button I can change is the "Enable task" button at the top of the page, but obviously I don't want to turn off Sheduled updates altogether, I just want them to happen in the evening when the machine is idling. The Help Pages say I should be able to change these settings. No more than 40-50% of the install,i lost my internet(lan) connection,my android wifi connection and everyone in the house lost their wifi also(towards the router on Lan1 with the station that i installed AVG on)... Of course I think AVG is the worst program every created because of a personal experience I have with it.Only tried uninstalling and installing over and over again...(as im writting this,im installing again) Will try answer that says to uncheck network settings that involve AVG! So I might not be the best person to even read this question, because my immediate thought, is blame AVG for the problems because ( honestly it likely is the reason ).

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