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His moniker was given to him by teammates for his dribbling skills and ability to go "coast-to-coast," covering the entire floor from a rebound on defense to a layup on the other end.

Currently playing for the Cincinnati Bengals, Adam "Pacman" Jones received his nickname as a young child, when it was noted that he could drink his milk as fast as the video game character.

The nickname given to Camacho seems born out of synergy, contained in, and rhyming with, his last name.

Johnston was also the first fullback ever elected to the Pro Bowl, a position officially recognized by the NFL because of Johnston's efforts as a blocker and occasional runner.

Gordie Howe is considered one of the best hockey players in history but is also known for his friendly personality, kind demeanor, longevity as a player and prolific goal-scoring.

This obvious alias comes from the "Wizard of Oz," and is in combination with Smith's shortened first name, "Oz." Smith is a 15-time All-Star, 13-time Gold Glove Winner and a 1982 World Series Champion with the St. This nickname isn't creative at all, but is so synonymous with the Yankees third baseman it deserves a mention on the countdown.

It has spawned other nicknames involving athletes with the last name "Rodriguez," including the current record holder for most saves in a season, Frankie "K-Rod" Rodriguez.

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