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Andy Buckley, known in this context as David Wallace, was actually a partner in an investment group and works at Merryl Lynch!

His audition was almost a joke, not really believing he would get a part.

Stories utilize Craiglist and Facebook and embrace pop culture references in a way most literary stories do not.

Novak surely had many influences, but his style comes across as all his own.

This is my first story so bare with me if it's terrible. In his book, the story is basically about a couple who go to the bookstore when they get bored.

The woman asks the warlord questions about his job. the screenwriter isn’t just apparent in the dialogue-driven language, but in lots of pop culture references.

Novak says he actually performed the stories many times in front of a crowd to work out the kinks and the punch lines.

Some of the stories are really flash fiction or something less classifiable–more like little vignettes than fully formed short stories–and my favorites of the whopping 63 pieces were the longer ones where Novak delves into strange, improbable–or impossible–scenarios.

For instance, one story “Sophia” is about a sex robot that learns to love.

And there’s the one where a woman is on a date with a warlord, and the one that takes place in heaven.

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