C2c chatting and sex on tube

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There is one way of knowing almost exactly where the train's doors will open before it arrives.

"I'd be really bored personally," said our candid source.

If you’re going really slowly in a train, chances are you’re only half a carriage away from another train in front, and the driver will not risk going faster in case they crash into them.

Did you know that more of the Underground is above ground than under it? Train drivers see a lot of wildlife on their travels - from hawks to herons and rabbits to green woodpeckers.

They will tell you where to wait alongside other impatient commuters. Despite the Tube holding endless nightmarish fears for many children, others are desperate to get behind the wheel.

And, unbelievably or not, parents quite frequently make requests for their offspring to have a go in the cabin as a birthday treat.

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