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The debate about gambling is once again heating up in Wisconsin, and the atmosphere may become more conducive to enforcement of existing laws.

Opponents point to studies that demonstrate the negative social and economic impact of legalized gambling and argue government has a role to play in regulation of this industry.

Stephen Paddock, the former IRS agent and professional gambler whose shooting rampage in Las Vegas left 58 victims dead, was a laid-back “goofball” who didn’t have a “serious bone in his body,” a longtime employee of the gunman said Friday.

(Adam Elmahrek, Matt Pearce and Seema Mehta)“Video poker machines made amateur players think they were playing a casino game rather than just pulling a handle," he said.

Even for illegal gambling, the question is whether the laws will be enforced to prosecute those in violation.

A review of Wisconsin Circuit Court Access data shows little prosecution as of late.

In a 2001 interview, Thompson was asked about his bartender handing over cash to customers from a brown moneybag. I’m not saying we do.”The controversy over gambling helped launch Ed Thompson’s political career.

Other states, such as Texas, New York and Illinois, have already banned the sites.

After Thompson’s trial, the legislature relaxed video poker laws somewhat.

Even after his court battle, Thompson apparently continued to disobey the law by having gambling machines in his restaurant.

"The downside is the machine hooked a lot of people."It was this quality that prompted Walton to quit several years ago.“Video poker is the worst of the worst.

The reason it works so well is it compels you to keep playing through random reinforcement,” he said. You might get a flush or a full house, and that keeps you hanging in there.

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