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The CIA World Factbook estimates the military budget of Chad to be 4.2% of GDP as of 2006.[1].Given the then GDP (.095 bln) of the country, military spending was estimated to be about 0 million.After Habré consolidated his authority and assumed the presidency in 1982, his victorious army, the Armed Forces of the North (Forces Armées du Nord—FAN), became the nucleus of a new national army.The force was officially constituted in January 1983, when the various pro-Habré contingents were merged and renamed the Chadian National Armed Forces (Forces Armées Nationales Tchadiennes—FANT).This estimate however dropped after the end of the Civil war in Chad (2005–2010) to 2.0% Chad participated in a peace mission under the authority of African Union in the neighboring Central African Republic to try to pacify the recent conflict, but has chosen to withdraw after its soldiers were accused of shooting into a marketplace, unprovoked, according to BBC."Currently, Cameroon has an ongoing military-military relationship with Chad, which includes associates training for Chadian military in Cameroon.Nonetheless I find myself oddly satisfied and intend to spend the rest of my life with him... We are both very happy and grateful to Blues Match.“Although tonight is a night to celebrate the music and artists of the past year, it’s also a time to recall a member of our community we lost this past week.

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Emma was the first person I'd ever met through any kind of internet dating and she's amazing. I've decided to cancel my membership because, on my third BM date, I met someone with whom I clicked almost immediately.

We've been seeing each other ever since, and I'd be crazy not to give her my full attention.

Thank you for playing your part in bringing us together.

Chad successfully manages to repel the rebel movements, but recently, with some losses (see Battle of N'Djamena (2008)).

The army uses its artillery systems and tanks, but well-equipped insurgents have probably managed to destroy over 20 of Chad's 60 t-55 tanks, and probably shot down a Mi-24 Hind gunship, which bombed enemy positions near the border with Sudan.

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