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At the time of the meeting with an Aquarius woman, he has chilled her extravaganza a little bit, was that stone wall behind which women love to hide, and she has loved him for the reliability and thoroughness of opinions.Zodiac sign Aquarius is like a balloon: at the first wind blast, it is ready to fly to distant lands.Capricorn man, having met with Aquarius woman, will love her independence and desire for freedom.

He can be very shy at times (which i find rather attractive), and I always try to make him laugh cause I noticed when I do that he lets his guard down.

Humor is perhaps the only key able to open up the door a little bit into the mysteries of a serious Capricorn man.

I am with a Capricorn man and aquarius , He is my absolute soulmate , We were meant to be together and have proven this by making big changes in both of our lives ,we live 300 miles from each other but are about to buy our dream house halfway between both our families , we are madly in love , something I thought would never happen to me !

Cap men are very reserved and keep their feelings to themselves all the time. When he looks into my eyes I can see that he genuinely cares for me.

I've been trying to court him for 6 months and he has still said he is trying to get to know me.

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