Dating childish girlfriend

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This is going to be very hard for her, and it’s not her fault (it’s YOUR fault for getting monogamous in the first place, you dumbass).If she stays with you, she’s now your OLTR, and you must adhere to those rules (only have sex with FB’s, keep your outcome independent frame, never get de facto monogamous, etc). Man up, stop crying, and take advantage of your new freedom by having sex with some new women.However, I know many of you reading this are (sadly) already in a monogamous relationship with a woman even though you haven’t moved in with her. You are converting from a LTR, a relationship where you’re only allowed to have sex with your girlfriend (which is insane, anti-masculine, beta as fuck, conducive to both drama and lying, and unsustainable) to an OLTR where she’s convert an LTR to a MLTR or FB, so don’t even try.If you want to convert that relationship to an open one where you’re allowed to have sex with other women under a certain set of ground rules, how do you do that? No Western woman will allow this unless the scenario is highly unusual (like you’re a wealthy multimillionaire or something).Have fun living a life of drama, limitations, and pain. As I’ve talked about many times, she can just end the relationship and replace you with the next slobbering beta male whenever she likes, and she knows it.This means the odds of her leaving really depend on other factors, such as how good of a boyfriend you’ve been, how much she loves you / needs you, how much drama you two have had, how often you make her cum during sex, how long your relationship has been, how hot she is, how old she is, and many other factors. You go away from her, have sex with other hot women, and Alpha-up in all areas of your life (sex, fitness, work, Mission), etc. 2-6 months later, you return to your ex and make her a FB, MLTR, or OLTR, while still continuing to have sex with other women.

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The Returning Hero Method This easier, though more emotionally difficult (for you) method is the Returning Hero Method. Oneitis is endemic to monogamy, so most monogamous men are going to be horrified at the suggestion that they actually break up with their girlfriend (albeit temporarily) in order to open up the relationship with her. By leaving her first, and staying away, and having sex with other women, your attractiveness in her eyes goes way up.You May Lose Her Converting from monogamy to nonmonogamy with a serious partner is psychologically difficult for both men and women. If you both have BBQ chicken for dinner every Saturday night, and one Saturday night, you tell her you’re both eating fish instead, she’s going to be confused and upset because it’s not what she’s used to, not because fish is bad.Therefore, even if you do everything right, she may just dump you.As soon as she opens her mouth to scream at you, you interrupt her by quickly stating these five conditions: A. You will use a condom 100% of the time with these women. You will be extremely discreet and not tell anyone else you’re doing it. When she threatens to break up with you, tell her that you love her, want to be with her forever, and don’t want that to happen, but if she feels that’s what she needs to do, you’ll understand and let her go. (Use a condom of course; don’t be stupid.) If you tell your LTR that you’re going to have sex with other women and you don’t do it, you will severely damage your relationship and further increase your standing as an unattractive beta male in her eyes.She is still your girlfriend and you’re not leaving or ending the relationship. All the other women will be fuck buddies or one night stands, that’s it. You will never do anything like post pics of these women on your Facebook or Instagram pages, talk about them with other people, etc. She is allowed to have sex with other men if she really wants to, as long as she adheres to the above rules like you are. The tell, not ask part is the most important component of this process.

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