Dating in sobriety

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If I remember rightly, you're fairly recently separated from your husband. Maybe there's sense in taking it slow - I wouldn't rush into anything new just yet.D There's no "rule" so to speak other than the one that's been pretty consistent with life all along.... I was already an addict by the time I actually started dating. What if he or she resents the time you spend with recovery friends or in recovery activities?Even if nothing stands out as problematic, it’s a good idea to have discussions about the shift to recovery with professionals. It’s an opportunity to make a holistic pass at all aspects of getting better. Why leave them out in your efforts to build a healthier life?I was in some crazy relationships because I didn’t think I deserved better, or because the person was willing to enable my alcoholic ways.You’re a person of integrity now, and dating is one more fun adventure for you to explore, learn from, and grasp the most out of life!Seriously, a hot date is NOT worth losing your cool or your sobriety over.

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I can honestly say that I have a great time at any event, especially because I’m not drinking. So adding that confusion to the emotional roller coaster of learning to live life sober could be dangerous if you’re not ready. No reason to force yourself into uncomfortable situations.Hi GG I dunno about you but I found relationships stressful - I was always looking for validation and always worrying about whether I was good enough, always waiting for a reply text or phone call....That's not a good headspace to be in when you're trying to stay sober.I was 22 when I got sober, two years was a lifetime.No way was I going to wait that long, a coule of weeks was my limit. A roll in the hay was not emotional involvement for a start. Regardless of whatever else was going on in my life, a had already made the decision that sobriety was my number one priority and anything that got in the way of that was gone.

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