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“Let us say we have a sinner damned through either anger or sullenness. First off I’d like to apologize for the lack of my posting, I’ve had some personal issues to take care of but I’ve sorted them out for the most part.Immense hurricanes continually blew damned lovers through the air. For one demon to stick up for another was unprecedented. “Why, I’ve never heard such a remark before,” Minos said. The hurricanes also whipped up dust and stinging grit. “You’re clever, little Delilah, but not clever enough today, I think. But while Delilah may be reformed from her beguiling ways, she’s still very much a demon—and she hasn’t learned how to play well with others.

After Delilah’s identity is almost discovered, Team Packer sends her to high school to hide out until things cool down.

Demon anthropologists and psychologists lectured her on human culture and thinking. “Say ‘useful’ or ‘productive’ or ‘pleasing to our superiors.’ ‘Good’ has no meaning.” “If we’re really productive and useful, can’t we just… Lilitu, whom Delilah called “Mistress,” was the closest thing she had to a parent. “Perhaps you didn’t have enough to eat this morning? “Yes, Lord.” “Good.” Minos then whipped his tail around Hui’s middle and squeezed.

Demon linguists taught her the languages and accents she needed. “It is your destiny to be absorbed into Satan and you will accept it with gratitude! She had just one major lapse after the day she got lashed in the face. Poor spiritual nutrition can result in poor intellectual performance. Her breakfast came up in projectile vomit, spattering the field with steaming yellow goo. Delilah laughed with the rest, partly from normal demon meanness.

“Team Packer” is a covert Catholic strike team against supernatural evil with a secret weapon in its arsenal: 16-year-old Delilah Vincentio—the world’s only Christian succubus.

Trained by demons to despise humanity and lead them into sin, her unprecedented capacity for mercy caused her to renounce her place in Hell—and gain an angelic referral to Team Packer.

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