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However, there’s been noticeable cynicism about the staying power of Face Time as an actual form of communication from many of people in the technology space.The most common reasons given are that people don’t want to video chat most of the time, the need to be in a Wi Fi-enabled area to use Face Time, and not everyone has an i Phone 4 to Face Time with.The i Pod touch will likely work with an email address instead of a phone number, but hopefully Apple will try to keep the simplicity of the product intact.This move would allow anyone who doesn’t want to be locked into a two-year exclusivity deal with AT&T (s t) (or get a new smartphone) to use Face Time.Even before Steve Jobs announced the fourth generation of the i Phone, people had confirmed the phone would ship with two cameras: a standard one on the back for taking pictures and a second one on the front for something more novel: mobile video chat.As Apple dissenters are more than eager to tell you, a front-facing camera is nothing new; phones in Europe and Asia have been doing it for years and the EVO 4G from HTC shipped months before the i Phone 4 with one.

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Apple is also uniquely placed because it can integrate Face Time functionality into many more of their products.

Consider being able to buy your Mom or someone who doesn’t want a data plan an i Pod touch and having a simple, elegant solution to video chatting, with no set-up, no “why is my microphone not working” or “I can’t see you,” blending easy software with simple hardware.

This will probably be the biggest catalyst for Face Time in becoming a viable form of communication.

Admittedly, it does sound farfetched given Face Time’s current state, but it would be wrong to assume these types of interactions can’t be commonplace in a few years.

This isn’t to say that video chats are going to completely supplant voice conversations.

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