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"I call it my commando roll," said Chris, and I burst out laughing, partly from nerves, partly from embarrassment. But a week later I was in bed when there was a knock at my door.We spent the evening chatting and kissing until we both fell asleep. I didn't like being so close to Chris when I wasn't sure I liked him that way. "He's really fallen for you, but he's not sure you feel the same." I felt unnerved. I thought it might be Chris, so I didn't answer it. I pretended I was asleep until he finally got up and left.____________________________________ Chris returned to London and over the next couple of months I made no contact with him. About 50 people I knew had bought Coldplay's first EP, Safety, and Chris's straining vocals, singing of love and rejection, were everywhere.Over the next few days, Chris stayed around, sleeping in the college room of one of his old friends from home.

All I knew was that Coldplay were an unsigned outfit formed by four friends at University College, London; and their lead singer, Chris, had a first-class degree in ancient history. I was waiting for the band in the college gardens when I saw a lone figure loping in my direction. "It's just me, I'm afraid." I had to stifle a giggle.

But the thing I find most surprising isn't his fame or fortune, it's his new-found success with the ladies.

How did the lovely but hopeless Chris end up with Gwyneth Paltrow, the very epitome of a sophisticated A-lister?

Instead of the cool, trendy singer I had expected, he was dressed like a folk musician in a chunky-knit jumper.

He also seemed insanely excited, grinning through a set of silver braces.

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