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You can't just snap your fingers and become an extrovert. You know, as much as most of us would like to deny it, this basically describes it for most of the people on here, in my opinion, myself included.

I'm from Moncton, not Halifax, but it is the same thing here..you don't take in the night club scene, where else is there to go?

I think think that group is split into groups like:1.

Those who are good at relationships but made bad choices so are on the market trying to make the right choice this time.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. it just means getting off ur butt and going out of ur house!but most of those people just don't want to hang out or do anything outside of their own little clique. and if your at the bar they'll talk you'll exchange numbers and what not but nothing ever happens..I can understand people being busy but when its nearly every single person, after a while it gets frustrating POF seems no diff really I've messages girls and get nothing, short little closed ended responses and it comes off as.Is there anyone out there that wouldn't mind being part of a magazine story? Either way your chances of finding love in a bar are much higher than any other random meeting location.If not, please get in touchbest wishes Lola The people u meet in bars are not usually the kind of people you want to stay with once the booze wears off .. More a "wham bam thank you mame/sir" kinda thing .. It has been difficult for me to meet anyone right for me anywhere..

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