How to stop adobe from updating

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Windows without a working start button a new step towards stability...Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site.Separately, Adobe has issued updates to fix critical security problems with both its Flash Player and Shockwave Player.If you have Shockwave installed, please consider removing it now.In that case, you might have to use Proc Exp for the same idea.Only Proc Exp gives us control over individual threads anyway, e.g. In the case of IE that turns out to be sufficient but if we only ever see one task obviously we need more refined control for it.One bug is so serious that Microsoft is issuing patches for it on Windows XP and other operating systems the company no longer officially supports.Separately, Adobe has pushed critical updates for its Flash and Shockwave players, two programs most users would probably be better off without.

I recommend for users who have an affirmative need for Flash to leave it disabled until that need arises. Adobe patches dangerous new Flash flaws all the time, and Flash bugs are still the most frequently exploited by exploit kits — malware booby traps that get stitched into the fabric of hacked and malicious Web sites so that visiting browsers running vulnerable versions of Flash get automatically seeded with malware.It is this very “wormlike” capability — a flaw in Microsoft’s SMB service — that was harnessed for spreading by Wanna Cry, the global ransomware contagion last month that held files for ransom at countless organizations and shut down at least 16 hospitals in the United Kingdom.According to Microsoft, this newer SMB flaw is already being exploited in the wild.For starters, hardly any sites require this plugin to view content.More importantly, Adobe has a history of patching Shockwave’s built-in version of Flash several versions behind the stand-alone Flash plugin version.

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