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Or we may enjoy aspects of the work such as the healing and human side or the performance side or maybe even the sex and drama. What can you offer to help meet your partner’s needs in these area.When considering your partners reasons think outside the square.Or perhaps you even found their job a bit of a turn on. This situation might be all new to you, but your partner has probably been through this so many times before like most hookers have. Read, think, talk to someone, then read and think some more.

For example: in calls only not out calls, set or changed hours of work, changes to what service they provide or how they advertise, changes to where they work etc. Obviously for many of us a huge consideration is the money – are you in a position to provide for your partner financially?Maybe you hate it when they change plans with you so they can go to work.Maybe you hate it when they answer their work phone in front of you and you hear them negotiating with their clients. Maybe it’s that you want them to save something intimate just for you.Take your time to work through your feelings but try not to be pass agg while you do it. But don’t presume that money is the only thing that it’s about.There are many other reasons we choose sex work such as independence, the control and autonomy we have over our work.

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    Now it has been revealed that Mr Mac Millan actually went to the board to seek permission to have a relationship with Jennifer Koch, 41, and was told it would be OK so long as she resigned - which she did two weeks later. Parfet, right, spoke about Stephen Mac Millan at a recent meeting saying, 'We'd like to clearly state he never violated any company policy nor any code of conduct.'Mr Mac Millan's performance in the company was said to be excellent.

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