Intimidating women characteristics

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” “Anyone ever tell you you’re really intimidating?

I’m always interested in getting different opinions. I have less than five women friends that I’ve ever felt close to. I’m the first to admit it: as an INTJ woman, I am notoriously bad at being patient with other people’s bad decisions. I say Alpha women because I really don’t see a difference between the personality traits that are attributed to both “types of women.”It can be empowering to see the first set and then disheartening to read the second, isn’t it? I’ve been subjected to both, as I’m sure you have at some point. These are two sets of words that describe INTJ women, also known as Alpha women.Whether you think of yourself as an INTJ or an Alpha woman, you have been told at least once that you’re masculine and/or intimidating.Unless, of course, you’re such a presence that no one dares to broach the subject with you. I even tried to soften myself up for people to make myself seem more approachable.

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