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“But it’s not something I feel particularly proud of.” Though he is forty-eight (this month), the bullying John experienced in his childhood is as fresh as the snow in winter.

Raised in Buchanan, Michigan, his fundamentalist family moved to Parker, Colorado, when he was twelve.

His elbows are planted firmly on the chair’s arms, while his hands are folded in front of him.

He maintains this defensive position most of the time.

One reviewer wrote about his live performance, “Leaves his audience awestruck and on its feet.” His folksy electronic pop-rock poetic music and his honest-to-the-core velvety baritone voice landed him a Best International Male Solo Artist nomination at the 2014 BRITS. The songwriter is a bookworm (just finished the Madeline Kahn biography), a horror fan (loves all the Exorcist films), and enjoys the music of Donna Summer and Karen Carpenter, his first inspiration.

Several of his songs have been used in films and TV shows, including the HBO series, Looking. Moments later, a Brit, Matt, Grant’s tour manager of three years, appears and escorts me backstage to John’s dressing room.

Last year he released his third album, Grey Tickles, Black Pressure (an Icelandic expression meaning “midlife crisis”), following his debut album, Queen of Denmark (2010), and Pale Green Ghosts (2013). Grant performs tonight at The Ace Theatre, a majestic Spanish gothic superstructure built in 1927 by Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplain (originally known as the United Artists building).

Several years ago the city talked about bulldozing the structure.

Johnson's Head / Maintenance Guy / Man Flung Out of Cube / Man at Cinema / Man in Commercial / Man in Crowd / Man in Line / Man in Resteraunt / Man in the Year 10 Million / Man with Broken Leg / Marquis of Mulberry / Midget Jockey / Miss Juanta / Muscular Street Racer / Nappster User / Nautilus / Nazi #3 / Nibblonian Chef / Norm / Not Evans / Oily / Orphan Crippler / Penguin Hunter / Pizza Box / Possum / Pre-Op Transformer / Q*bert / Repobot / Robo-Rooter / Robot Cellmate / Robot Chef / Robot Construction Worker / Robot Crowd / Robot Foreman / Robot Guards / Robot Janitor / Robot Playing Human / Robot from Berzerk / Rollerblader / Rutherford B.He suffered from agoraphobia, panic attacks, anxiety, and depression as well. Delicately stroking his beard, Grant reflects on his childhood. I wrote the song ‘Sigourney Weaver’ about being in middle school with the hyper-rich and coming from a small town in Michigan.John lauds therapy, Paxil, and Alcoholics Anonymous as lifesavers, navigating his way to a healthier self. There was all this disgust and hatred thrown at me from the perspective of class, which got mixed in with the hatred that was being directed towards me for being gay.What a pity it would’ve been to destroy such a sacred historical ornate relic.Pickford had it built as her own private screening room.

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