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is nearing its final stretch, some potential gay drama has erupted to liven things up.

Last night, finalists Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips did a duet of the old classic “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” and kind of sang the hell out of it.

But if he gay, there’s gonna be a point point where not being honest with himself and his audience will gets in the way of his performance.

We eagerly await the day Ledet belts out “I am What I am” before an adoring crowd.

Apparently, there's just something about onstage chemistry that gets the rumors flying.

No one’s obligated to come out—and he may not even be gay—but a real entertainer can’t be so tense about their sexuality, no matter what it is.Some things may come as a surprise to some of you on some of my redos and rankings while others may not. I will be ranking all 10 seasons of American Idol I watched then I will be redoing the season.After the redo I will reveal my rankings of the contestants. But it’s been delayed again, with a new release date of Nov. This is the same “Redemption” album he said was pretty much complete and ready for release in August 2010, before he stopped in York to perform at the York Fair.The newest single, “Can’t Say Goodbye,” is country through and through.

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