Kitchen cabinet updating virginia

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All were of sufficient quantities to complete the project without unnecessary wastage. I am sharing my experience with the hopes that it helps those who are waffling about purchasing cabinets through Costco and All Wood Cabinetry.Just a short background to help you appreciate my comments.After speaking with the big box stores we decided to look at All Wood. It provided all the information that we needed to develop and design our own floor plan. The quality of the cabinets was outstanding as compared to comparable non-custom cabinets we had previously considered. I was pleasantly surprised when the cabinets were delivered within 10 days, just as promised.All Wood had a large selection of cabinets and more than enough options available for what we were looking to achieve with our kitchen remodel. While we had a design plan, she made suggestions, tweaked it and made it better. The cabinets were shipped two days earlier than first estimated. Brooke, the designer, was so easy to work with and extremely accommodating.Note: You have left the website and are entering the Cabinet website for Costco members sponsored by All Wood All Wood has prepared this site to provide information and estimates for Costco members.So, as we were in my office, we pulled up Costco on line and clicked on the link to "All Wood Cabinetry". I said to my friend, "I can't pick cabinets from Costco, what will me guys say?" They will say, "you are the smartest guy around because you have better value, better pricing and better features than what your getting from your contact with the "other" cabinet company". When they say "ALL WOOD", they really mean ALL WOOD. Only ALL WOOD, dove tail construction, 3/4" shelves (ilo 1/2" shelves), slow close doors and drawers AND, GET THIS, their drawers in their base cabinets are 4" deep, BONUS (unexpected). Once I was interested enough to make a call to All Wood Cabinetry, I got on the phone with ANABEL.

She made sure I had all the appropriate fillers, door fronts, false door fronts and furniture molding - Things I didn't even think of and I have been in the business for 25 years! When the product came, it was a complete shipment!!! For those who are not around construction of new homes, it is RARE to have a complete shipment of a complete cabinet package the first time, there is always something back-ordered or missing and just flat out damaged.

You will not go wrong and you won't be disappointed with ALL WOOD CABINETRY!!! She took the time to truly understand my project (a total remodel, stripping the kitchen down to studs and remodel the kitchen).

I shared my drawings with her and she made some GREAT suggestions.

I had many options to select a cabinet company, with professional discounts and advice to help me with my total remodel of a home we purchased.

As I was discussing the new kitchen design with a friend, he asked me if I had looked at the cabinets offered through Costco. My friend said, ' OK, it doesn't hurt to look, you might learn something".

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