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Although it's not clear whether the offline copy is wiped off in the process but if you do intend to completely clear things, you should try clear cache from Settings → Safari.Several users have talked about this: reading list items do not load when your i Phone/i Pad is offline.These include: Additional preparation materials may be found at the National Conference of Bar Examiners website.…

Another is that many people who use the Reading List - as opposed to a third party News Feed Reader - are not of the highest in technological skill level, and do not have the patience to provide coherent and relevant details about the problem." involve three long known problems - each problem caused, in part, by the Blogger account owners who use the Reading List.Some people also publish their own blogs, while others only read blogs, using their own Reading List - and this can complicate both the diagnosis, and resolution, of the problems.At least some of the reports of "My Reading List has disappeared!Unlike i Cloud Tabs or Bookmarks, reading list is a locally-saved-copy of the webpage which you can read even when you are offline.Adding links to Safari's reading list, accessing them later and then removing them away is easy.

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