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:) I was born in Albany WA, alhough I was concieved in Sydney, Australia which is where my parents got the name (lol, unimaginative! I spent most of my school life getting shuttled between Tamworth, Australia and Albany. To: Chris Chan [email protected] Chrissy, I had an idea- I am uncomfortable giving you my number since we just met, buuuuuuuuuut... We can have a Skype phone conversation if you like.

I would usually change every year or so, depending on what my parents wanted. :) My account name is hugsrfun, just message me whenever with either a chat or a call...

You may inform me of your number in your reply as well, yet if you're calling from the 434 Area Code, I will be likely to pick up.

It has one of my favorite lines about vomiting: “Over the toilet, he throws up, and hopes that whatever’s wrong with him will come with it, will come into the light.” My anxiety is such a sneaky feeling that it’s rare I get to see it out in the light. I was a literature major, raised by a librarian and a classics professor.

Some subject matter (mostly audio clips and voice mail messages) have not been posted because they are mostly irrelevant, don't add to the story and/or don't contain input from Chris. Chris would later compliment her on her appearance, but either not read the text body of her e-mail at all or, if he did, not remember even a single detail about her. To: Chris Chan [email protected] Chris- wow, that's a nice picture. When we get to know each other better, I'll send you through one 'au naturale', Hehe. I've seriously started to think all men are dicks, but I guess it isn't so! My full name is Sydney Kirsch (It's German in origin, it means 'cellar') just fyi, and also, is it Christian or Chris? When it comes to what I can offer, I can seriously promise care, respect, empathy, and love.

Note that the date and time stamps on emails are for Virginia time, while the date and time stamps on audio clips are Adelaide, Australia time. Maybe I won't go anymore, haha, I can get cards online for waaay cheaper anyway. Don't stop shopping at The Place on my account; they still have other good merchandise as well (last I checked); I went there the other day to ask Mike to lift the ban; he repeated over and over Hard "No"s. I think that (most) women deserve the world, and I would do my best to give it to them.

:( Serious, that was the worst day of my life, I cried for weeks. Because I got moved around so much, I barely got to be really close friends with anyone or really stay at any one place for long, which is a real bummer, lol. It s okay if you don t wanna discuss your past relationships, to be honest, I d rather keep mine to myself too at this point. Thanks for the offer of your cell phone- I will consider giving you a call once we know each other better. Sorry if I have bored you to tears, my life isn t very exciting.

After that, I basically went back to Australia for a while, because my dad got a job there, but six months later his work moved him to VA...

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