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In September 1824, he returned with soldiers and established a temporary settlement at Redcliffe.

On 2 December, the settlement was transferred to where the Central Business District (CBD) of Brisbane now stands.

Queensland separated from the Colony of New South Wales in 1859.

50,000 to 60,000 years ago, Aboriginal people arrived in Australia by boat or by land bridge.

He did not reach the coast because he did not find a passage through the coral reefs, and turned back.

Lieutenant James Cook claimed the east coast under instruction from King George III of England on 22 August 1770 at Possession Island, naming eastern Australia "New South Wales". Cook charted the Australian east coast in his ship HM Barque "Endeavour", naming Stradbroke and Morton (now Moreton Island) islands, the Glass House Mountains, Double Island Point, Wide Bay, Hervey Bay and the Great Sandy Cape, now called Fraser Island.

This occurred where Cooktown now lies, on the Endeavour River, both places named after the incident.

On 22 August the Endeavour reached the northern tip of Queensland, which Cook named the Cape York Peninsula after the Duke of York.

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Numbers may have decreased at times of epidemics like smallpox.

Rough calculations of the population can be made from the knowledge that Queensland supported 34.2 percent of the total number of tribes in Australia and from the knowledge that 35 to 39 percent of Australian aboriginal people lived in Queensland.

In 1606, the Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon landed near the site of the modern-day town of Weipa on the western shore of Cape York.

Goondiwindi Region - that area covered by the former Shire of Inglewood excluding that part of the former shire within the boundaries of the parishes of Wyemo, Beebo, Texas, Silverspur, Arcot, Gunyan, Bonshaw, Maiden Head, Aitkin's Flat & the town of Texas Southern Downs Region - the area of the former Warwick Shire - Divisions 2, 5 & 6, Division 3 (being the urban area of Warwick City and the locality of Murray's Bridge), Division 4 (excluding the village of Dalveen)Maranoa Region - from the eastern boundary of the Council including the towns of Jackson, Yuleba, Wallumbilla, Roma, Hodgson & Muckadilla.

North of Roma to the northern boundary of the Council including the town of Injune & the area known as Bymount and South of Roma to the Southern boundary of the Maranoa region including the township of Surat and the area East and South of Surat Township Maranoa Region - west of Amby to the western boundary of the Council including the towns of Mitchell & Mungallala.

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