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Company A gave me 24 hours to make a decision, and just before the deadline ended, I asked them for an extension (I asked for less than a week’s time), telling them that I wanted to evaluate my options better after I get all the results of my pending applications, and to discuss things with my family.

The person who interviewed me then told me that they were surprised about this, because in the interview I told them that I would be prioritizing Company A over my pending application at Company C (another company).

Some times she says she doesn't want to marry me and some other times she says that she can't live without me. she doesn't allow me even to talk to any of my friends, specially to my best friend. There is much more to a successful relationship than love! Sometimes it is just the chemistry that is wrong and two perfectly nice people can be turned into scratch cats simply by being near each other.You cannot force her to go to her doctor and ask the right questions and you have no right to accompany her if you can persuade her to seek help so it is likely she would simply visit the doctor to appease you and claim afterwards the doc. In order to be helped she must want to be helped and to ask for that help. Today i tried to talk to her again to address the issues.I have only one suggestion and that is to record her when she is being unreasonable and unpleasant and replay it when she is having a good day. I just asked her to sit together and figure out why our relation is not going fine. Then in night at am i called her to inquire where she is and why has she not come back to home! It’s not that I think this personality test is meaningless but I don’t believe it’s religion.Those who characterize everything they do based on the results of one test annoy me.

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