San francisco dating ideas

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Read through this guide for a full listing of every best restaurant and bar in the city for dating, or click each category type below for separate maps of those restaurants and bars across the Bay Area.First date, drinks: A first date bar should have good drinks, a buzzy vibe (full, but not crowded), and the ability to order some food if things are going well.

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And it can be tricky to find the right bar, restaurant, or cafe based on Google search alone.

It also shouldn't be too expensive, and the ability to make a reservation is a must.

Good second date spots inspire you to start with cocktails and segue into a bottle of wine that you can linger over.

After, walk down the street for drinks in downtown Berkeley amongst the students, to feel young and unattached again. Breakup spot: Missouri Lounge This ancient dive bar is as faded as your relationship, and the perfect place to nip it in the bud.

Drown your mutual sorrows at opposite ends of the bar with "the special," a shot and a beer for .

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