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She had taken some time off for a three day trip in the hills from her managing director job at Novalia – a business that converts printed media into digital content.Kate changed sex to become a woman in 2007 and features on the university’s equality and diversity website.“We immediately ran into the house called the paramedics and they arrived in 20 minutes, which is incredible considering the distance they had to come.“I have no idea how she is, once she was taken to hospital I never heard anything more, I didn’t know her or her friends.He said: “The woman involved – who we think was in her thirties – suffered a neck, chest and an arm injury.Contents of the online version: Top stories Monthly news from Knoydart, Muck, Rum, Eigg Railway and harbour news Letters, e-mails and comments are welcome.

“She was telling me she enjoyed the outdoors in the hills and camping on her own in remote places so any form of paralysis to such an active person will be a disaster.“It was a completely freakish accident, I’ve never seen the like of it before. There was about seven of us in total, so it could have been any one of us.“There wasn’t as much blood as you would think, just puncture wounds, but apparently one of them was very bad.” A spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service yesterday said Kate is likely to have suffered serious injuries.After puncturing Kate’s body, the brute shook its head to free itself before galloping into the nearby trees.Gary, 51, said one of Kate’s pals, Rozelle Kane, from Glasgow, was key to keeping her friend alive.

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