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By risking indictment, they thought that they could put the Johnson administration -- and the war itself -- on trial in court proceedings all over the country.""After earned a doctorate in sociology from Harvard University in 1958, [Neil Joseph] Smelser began his career that same year as an assistant professor at UC Berkeley, where he stayed until his retirement in 1994.He became a full professor in 1962, and during the Free Speech Movement of the mid-1960s, Smelser served as a liaison between students and campus administration -- for which he was appointed special assistant for student political activity in 1965.It was liberals who were shouted down when they spoke.' ¶ Then he dropped his bombshell: '[L]iberals have very short memories.I mean that sincerely.'""JANET NAPOLITANO, PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SYSTEM: Yeah, I think it is.¶ 'He was a very impressive leader,' said UC Berkeley professor of sociology Claude Fischer on working with Smelser.'I was taken with his ability to work together with people to find common ground and work over conflicts or disagreement - the constant diplomat.'""As Savio famously implored the rioting students of Berkeley in 1964, Alice has 'put her body upon the gears and upon the wheels' of an odious machine.

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But then she came to New York in 1964, saw a picture in the New York Times of the Free Speech Movement in Berkeley and moved to California.

Gibney and Foster make a meal of his involvement in the Berkeley student protests of 1964 -- a Berkeley student himself, Wenner was a stringer for NBC and can be seen in the background of an iconic photo of Free Speech Movement leader Mario Savio being yanked off the steps of the university's Greek Theater.

But, echoing Savio's famed 'bodies upon the gears' speech, Hagan writes that Wenner's 'true convictions lay with the 'apparatus' of NBC News' and reports that when police started to beat and arrest protesters at a sit-in at the Sheraton-Palace Hotel, Wenner ran away.""'Etter som campuser landet rundt har slitt med utfordringene som følger med ytringsfrihet og sivilt engasjement, har mange opplevd et nivå av aktivisme, kontroverser og tilbakeslag (backlash) vi ikke har sett hittil i denne generasjonen.

¶ Her viser hun til en skjellsettende studentaksjonen fra skoleåret 1964-65, hvor studenter gjennom sivil ulydighetsaksjoner fikk fjernet forbudet mot politiske aktiviteter på campus, og slik sikret akademisk ytringsfrihet for studenter og akademisk frihet for vitenskapelig ansatte." [Ed note: Norwegian language]"[Joan Wallach] Scott: Yes, and there's actually a wonderful quote from Stanley Fish, who is sometimes very polemical and with whom I don't always agree.

He writes, 'Freedom of speech is not an academic value.

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