Singles station dating company membership fee

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I spent a year paying the .99/month like a chump.

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If the FCC’s intent was to ignore the issues of customer price fixing and price gouging in order to maintain satellite radio’s profitability, they did a great job.There seemed to be a new one every two weeks — even before I could consider the 50% off, they were throwing 60% off at me. I could pay by check, but the service would auto-renew and a new check would be due unless I called to cancel.So, like your typical idiot consumer, I made a mental note to cancel my account right before the “six months for ” deal expired, and I forgot.I made sure that I was purchasing a single year of service, and made sure Sirius XM knew they did not have my authorization to charge my card after my year was up.7.88 per year is waaaaaaay too much for satellite radio.

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