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Taking out his smartphone, he starts checking Instagram, watching videos from Singapore to learn and master new moves.

“The passion keeps on rising because I keep on discovering new stuff,” he says, his face breaking in to one of his easy, cheeky smiles.

“People treat them like outcasts, but some have lost their parents, maybe their father married another woman, their backgrounds are hard,” Kabundi says.

When he arranges a time with them the kids arrive early, eagerly waiting for their lesson.

he parking lot in Nairobi’s Central Business District doesn’t look like much Monday to Saturday: just a stretch of concrete surrounded by 1960s office buildings.

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It was the same account that I used for work at a tech startup with an all-male team. Once at the office I ducked into a conference room with the privacy of frosted glass and pulled up an incognito window on my work machine.

The skating federation has also been training more serious speed skaters for competitions as far away as Spain, in turn inspiring youngsters who see that the sport can be more than a recreational activity.

“People realized it’s something that can take you places,” says Mburu, whose group is working to expand skating opportunities across Kenya.

“Once people start skating it’s a very addictive sport; any kids who skates has no time to get caught up in the TV and social media controlling our generation,” he asserts.

But for some enterprising Nairobi residents, like Kabundi, skating also brings in money.

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