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(2) A cheque is not invalid by reason only that- (a) it is not dated; (b) it is antedated or post-dated; or (c) the date it bears is a Sunday.(3) For the purpose of determining whether a post-dated instrument is a cheque, the fact that the instrument is post-dated shall be disregarded.Meanwhile, a still-unpublished survey of 2,000 firearm owners recently conducted by the Gfk Knowledge Panel — a respected online survey — might finally update the two-decade-old statistic.Deborah Azrael, director of research at the Harvard center, said the survey indicated that 70 percent of firearm owners purchased their most recent firearm while 30 percent obtained it through other means (such as a gift, trade or inheritance). Azrael said that about two-thirds of the firearm buyers reported that they went through a background check, while about one-third of those who did not buy a firearm went through a background check.In fact, the questions concerned purchases dating as far back as 1991, and the Brady Act went into effect in early 1994 — meaning that some, if not many, of the guns were bought in a pre-Brady environment.The survey sample was relatively small — just 251 people.That’s at least half the percentage cited by Clinton.

Whether a post-dated cheque may be cashed or deposited before the date written on it depends on the country.(The survey showed that nearly 23.8 percent of the people surveyed obtained their gun either as a gift or inherited it, and about half of them believed a licensed firearms dealer was the source.) The original report carefully uses terms such as “acquisitions” and “transactions,” which included trades, gifts and the like.This subtlety is lost on many politicians such as Clinton, who referred to “sales.” Why is it important to make a distinction between purchases and transactions?In 2013, when the gun debate heated up after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn., we closely examined the origin of the claim that 40 percent of gun sales are done without a background check.It’s a very stale figure, based on data about two decades old, though some tantalizing new research may shed additional light on the issue.

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