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However, it happens that he sang one of the definitive recorded versions of "Kalinka", and perhaps due to that, he is now becoming widely recognised and appreciated on websites such as You Tube.This is partly the result of "Kalinka" being recently associated with Chelsea Football Club."Kalinka" is a trivial song about a fruit tree, but it lends itself perfectly to this kind of operatic showing-off.Belyaev himself was already the recipient of popular acclaim after the 1956 London tour, and he had already been called "Mr Kalinka": the obvious natural successor to Nikitin.did not get the worldwide acclaim that he deserved during his lifetime; possibly because his prime occurred in the middle of the Cold War.

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In the last moments of the "Kalinka" performance, Belyaev, like the other soldierly soloists not allowed to gesticulate while singing, cannot help himself and performs a brief Russian dance movement with his arms, showing us something we did not know before: that his background was in Russian dance culture as well as in music.Sergeev and the choir here, but his enthusiastic voice adds a piquant excitement to the sheer power of the arrangement. Lisyansky): no data Immortelle (undated) (composer S. Sofronov): no data Donetski Night (undated) (composer E. Dobronravov 1978): no data In a Sunny Forest Clearing (undated) (composer V. So here is one possible answer to the question of why Belyaev stayed with the Ensemble instead of looking for easy fame on the opera circuit. In date order of original recording dates (not album production dates). Isakovsky): no data My Favourite (1977) (composer M. Dolmatovskaya 1942): no data Two Maxim (1977) (composer S. So in this performance, as the screenshot clearly shows, he is an immensely confident man with a great musical future before him.In fact it was very possibly the Cold War which kept him tied to the Ensemble and away from the operatic career which he clearly deserved.

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