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Is the CGI a little lacking at times with some aliens and creatures?

Sure, but so was the tiger in Life of Pi and the Cylons in Battlestar Galactica.

In the dystopian 27th century, six people wake up on a deserted spaceship with no memory of who they are or what they're doing there.

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If you felt the story was a little slow, well so were the first few episodes of Farscape but then it really got going.Over thirty years after various alien races arrived on Earth, the landscape is completely altered, terraformed nearly beyond recognition. Louis, comes the mysterious Nolan (Grant Bowler) and his charge, Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas).As they settle into town - overseen by the mayor, Amanda Rosewater (Julie Benz) and filled with residents like the powerful Rafe Mc Cawley (Graham Greene), enterprising lounge owner Kenya (Mia Kirshner) and the ambitious, alien Tarrs (Tony Curran and Jaime Murray) - events begin to unfold that threaten the fragile peace this border town has fought for.She has been promised to a traditional East Indian arranged marriage. Brother Larry and the various girls seem to be trying for a wacky comedy.It's not done that well but it looks worst next to the humorless Leeza.

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