Updating an couch

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You’ll see your Hosting calendar, where your upcoming guests will be displayed, along with your hosting status.To block off dates you are not able to host, simply tap on the date and you’ll see the date become unavailable. No problem – just tap on the date again to make it available again. It does not reflect the actual version, but a build number. Apps that have built in updates often cause problems. Using the "About Couch Potato is reflects it was last updated 8 Jul.###Devlopments If you want to get involved, feel free to fork this branch and make a pull request.We can discuss of the new feature together and split the works. To access PHP-on-Couch for Couch DB 1.6.1, please visit this link. Please take a look to the updated examples for more details. You can find more detailed informations about installation here Test instructions to be determined.

With the new release of 2.0, the master branch will support only this version and the next one.It’s frustrating to the surfers, who, even with the most perfect request and the most complete profile, may not have a chance of being accepted for reasons they couldn’t foresee.The Host Calendar gives you more control over the requests you receive, and ensures that you’ll only receive requests when you are able to host.We recently asked a few thousand hosts why they decline requests, and learned that the single largest reason Couch Requests are declined is because the host is busy, whether they have other plans, are travelling themselves, or are already hosting surfers.This is frustrating to the host, who keeps receiving requests they cannot accept.

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