Updating nokia firmware

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However, firmware updates do NOT wipe anything stored on memory cards including the N810's 2 gigabyte built-in memory card, because they're technically not part of the tablet itself.

Before you do a firmware update it's a good idea to back up your data and settings onto a memory card, so you can restore the data after the update is complete.

The downside of a firmware update is that you lose any data or programs you have installed on your gadget, though this can be dealt with by making backups of your data onto a memory card and then restoring the backups after the update.

Updating the firmware is also known as "flashing" the device.

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First of all you have to manually download the latest version of OS 2007 for the N800 onto your computer, which you can get from by going here.

Doing so may cause serious problems with using the N800 after the update.

If you can, try to back up your files manually by moving them onto a memory card using the N800's file manager, as they will be safe on the card. Firmware updates also wipe any extra applications you've installed since you got your tablet.

You don't have to do firmware updates very often, in fact it's up to you how often you do them, and using the Wizard will save a lot of time and bother.

If you ARE reasonably good with computers, here are some suggestions for Mac and Linux users on how to update the N800 or N810 firmware: Some people have expressed an interest in rolling back their N800 to OS 2007, often because a particular third party application they use on OS 2007 isn't available for OS 2008 yet.

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