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This post comes in advance of two release parties--Shepherdess Saturday at the Cantab in Cambridge (see details below) and Corin Ashley Sunday at Johnny D's in Somerville. Inbound Sounds: It seems like one of the things that you are both after is the perfect pop song, but in different ways.

The legendary morning show has been on the air more than 25 years."Eyeshine" is cooed with a wide-eyed innocence and "Badfinger Bridge" zooms in with a Paul Simon-esque bridge that captures a pin-point memory.I am spotting a little bit of lyrical cynicism in "Malady" as the representative of the album's dark side.."malady's" homonomous relationship with "melody" almost negates its bite.Hilken, do you think that the winding roads of Corin’s songs help make the hooks stand out more in his poppier tunes? Hilken Mancini: I think every part of his songs are catchy. I don't think I could ever write that many catchy parts in one song. "Blackout" is probably the catchiest song I ever wrote.Too bad I wrote it after I had a record deal and ever had a chance of getting played on the radio. I think that "Malady" is pretty straight ahead pop song.

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