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She stated in an interview, "Then I started creating tapes for friends and realized, "Hey, this is very useful to people." She stated that people "came to her for counseling," and so she began her career.Happiness is an active process, not something you get by sitting back and waiting.According to the Editor Picks, "This author and activist had quite a year. Freston's career path began when she left an abusive relationship and began to meditate as part of her recovery process.Her book’s a best-seller, her Twitter account and Huffington Post blog posts are active and educational, Vanity Fair writer John Helipern committed to going veg after just one lunch with her, and she appeared not only on The Oprah Winfrey Show, but helped a family adopt a vegan diet on Ellen, chatted veganism on The Martha Stewart Show with fellow activists Biz Stone and Gene Baur, and talked shop on Charlie Rose." Freston grew up in the Atlanta area. She began by making her own meditation cassette tapes.Freston was part of the Caucus that helped to "provide oral testimony at the 2015 USDA Dietary Guidelines meetings on January 14.At this meeting, they each stood up and gave testimony on why animal products should be removed from USDA Dietary Guidelines, which was updated in 2015.At the Veggie Caucus, each of the speakers divulged their experiences with public health and discussed the role of the Dietary Guidelines in shaping federal nutrition recommendations and policies." Freston was known for her loud support of California's Prop 2, a ballot measure that – among other things – required that by January 1, 2015, egg-laying hens raised in California be able to stand up, lie down, turn around, and fully extend their wings.Freston was awarded "Person of the Year" by Veg News Magazine in 2011.

If you work too hard at it, you end up obsessing over your own state of mind— And like love, if you have to ask, the answer is no. Few people bring the unique perspective to this mess of questions like Dan Buettner. The result has been a mix of journalism, academic epidemiology, advocacy, and entrepreneurship delivered in easy-to-implement bullet points.

Buettner hasn’t entirely given up on self-improvement, but he has come to believe it gets way too much emphasis. Dan Buettner: Right away there’s a problem because, academically speaking, happiness is a meaningless term. It’s really a composite of things: health, emotions, the way you evaluate your life, and the extent to which you’re living out your values.

His focus now is improving our surroundings, for the same reason that “dieting” tends to fail but changing a food environment works. Hamblin: It sounds like you’re arguing for a reframing of the idea of “happiness” toward something bigger—an aggregate of purpose and joy and satisfaction and meaning. Even though you can’t measure happiness, you can measure life satisfaction, partly by asking people, and partly by discrete questions about how much you smile or laugh or feel joy.

So if all you’re doing is pursuing your purpose, or if all you’re doing is very goal-oriented, you forgo joy today for a perceived better future.

We now know that humans reliably mis-predict what will make them happy in the future.

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