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Two people immediately came to mind, neither was Hillary Clinton. Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and Senator Claire Mc Caskill are two logical choices in my view of logical successors to Obama.First, both endorsed him over Hillary Clinton, and both are younger than she is. Both women are natural executives and highly decisive people.If he wins in November, and it looks dicey right now, he could mount a campaign to succeed President Obama.This question of succession is one that has concerned me for some time even though it is decidedly premature.Mc Caskill, the conservative of the two, is a radical centrist and her Senate votes are a little more to the center right than I am comfortable with, but it positions her perfectly for re-election and a national run.Claire is articulate, no nonsense and a commanding presence.If I ever write a book, it will not be about Harold Ford, Jr.

The New York Post reported the story about how former Rep Harold Ford Jr asked Emily Threlkeld to marry him: "She was an hour late for dinner ... Read Full Story Former Tenn Representative Harold Ford Jr plans to marry his 26 year old girlfriend Emily Threlkeld . Threlkeld is unknown in political circles, but has based her career in fashion .With a fairly deep and resonant voice, she oozes authority. I can think of no real problems with her being President and can think of no woman better prepared for the job of leader of the free world.Neither of these women, however, leads with her heart. At my core, that is who I am, and that is who I want to lead my country.I had champagne and a whole party waiting at the Bar Vendome at the Ritz. She worked for Nina Ricci before joining Carolina Harrera.When she finally arrived, she said she had to go back to the hotel for her charger because her phone was dying." So, Ford, 37, gave her his Black Berry and an engagement ring. Read Full Story The fashion world is talking about Emily Threlkeld's pending marriage to Harold Ford Jr.

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