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Along with conquering TV, she also featured in Hollywood film Hidalgo opposite Viggo Mortessen and Russian action movie Countdown.

More recently, she has credits in American shows, such as The Mentalist and Grimm. The House of Eliott was essentially the Downton Abbey of the 90s, with just as much intrigue and style as the Julian Fellowes series.

He received his degree at Besançon and then in order to devote himself to science went to Paris to study under Dumas, Balard, and Biot.

His father helped him, but he had to support himself partly by his own labours. Mitscherlich announced that two tartaric acids, apparently identical in chemical qualities and in crystalline form, acted differently in solution toward polarized light.

Dr George Austen (Lyndsey Marshal), the team's forensic scientist, worked on Kay's case and knows things Kay wished she didn't, and this isn't helped by her own fast increasing addiction to alcohol which puts her evidential work under unwelcome scrutiny.

Shaun Parkes (Notes On A Scandal, Casanova) plays profiler Dr Clive Morrell, whose own mood swings and strange behaviour are causing concern within the team; Lenora Crichlow (Sugar Rush, The Bill) plays rookie cop Jude Whiley, who is young, fresh and has an energy and passion for the job that verges on obsession; and Ace Bhatti (New Street Law) plays Kay's husband Miles Trueman, the lawyer attached to the case.

He showed that in highly-organized material, if the living germs are all destroyed, and if further access of germs be prevented, even though air may be allowed free access, fermentation or putrefaction does not take place.Patrick Spence, Head of Drama, Northern Ireland, says: "I wake up every day yearning for a script as good as this.No wonder we could attract such an attractive, classy cast, with so much to play for."Currently filming on location in Bristol, Kiss Of Death is written by Barbara Machin.After less high profile roles, the Redbridge-born actress landed a role in popular police procedural CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Sofia Curtis.She played the character between 20, before making appearances in later seasons in a recurring role.

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