Zack and amy dating from paradise hotel

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Yes, one show perfectly captures that fleeting pop cultural moment, that rare glimpse at the unearthly underbelly of the American psyche, an amalgamation of sights and sounds that bemuse and bewilder and enfeeble the mind, a moment when time stands still just long enough for you to say, "Sweet Jesus this is bad." "Paradise Hotel" is the quintessential winning failure, the crowning disaster, the Hindenburg of untested reality formulas. Oh, but when the ax falls and someone is kicked out of paradise, that's when paradise gets very sad and circumspect. You see, the natives of paradise are suspicious of outsiders, with their strange pale skin and oddly unhistrionic way of speaking.

But who knew that a concept so simple -- lure unsuspecting, mildly attractive morons into a lush setting, serve them an endless supply of TGI Fridays-style fruity alcoholic beverages, and leave the cameras running around the clock -- could bring about two scintillating hours of tragicomedy per week? That's when the natives of paradise sigh deeply and pick at their manicures. Host: Is there anything you want to say to the guys tonight? You guys have taught me a lot about myself, and, um, about growing with people. Why did Amanda disappear with a guy she'd known for years, they asked themselves, instead of spending time with us, her true friends of a few weeks?

Sure, we thought "Herbie, the Love Bug" was corny when we were little kids, but who doesn't long for the days when the hit movie of the summer starred a compact car? Thank you for all your support, all the talks, all the love. First Amanda seemed to really like him -- she said her mom would think he was adorable, didn't she?

At this extraordinary juncture in reality TV's short history, one show stands out among the others. The chick with the Australian accent just said so again! But that must have been the kiss of death for poor Beau, because the next thing you know, Amanda's saying they're just friends, and then she starts flirting with Alex, then she kissed Zack, then her ex-boyfriend visited and she really seemed to love him, even though he was all butt-white and sober.

That rubs it straight in Matt and Jeff's faces :( Amy cheated on Matt with his best friend at the time and WWE superstar Edge real name Adam Copeland.

Reader comment corner This week, we found some readers with very different opinions on various topics, and share them here. He is witty, and clever...perhaps most of it goes over your head." —Anna Hate him!

— A: While it's easier for Southern Californians to get their rides pimped, there's a tiny ray of hope for those in other states.

The says non-So Cal residents can email [email protected] " Tom Bergeron on 'Dancing With the Stars'Love him!

Like convincing a little kid that liver tastes just like chocolate, the host keeps braying about paradise: how great it is in paradise, how they're staying at the most exotic and exclusive hotel in the world and how, if they're not careful they'll get kicked out of paradise ... The amazing thing about people this shallow is that, as long as the piña coladas are flowing and the sun is shining, no one seems to care about the cameras, and no one wants to leave. But, like they always say, paradise hath no fury like a pretty boy scorned.

Scraping his damaged ego off the concrete, Beau inadvertently turned the others against Amanda.

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